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Snow Crystal- (Stamile, 2008)
Height: 30in., Bloom: 5.5in., Season: Early, Rebloomer, Evergreen, TET, 55 buds, 7 branches. Near white with gold edge above green throat.
(Single fan)

Victorian Lace x Viola Francois- (Gaskins' seedling)
Height: 35in., Bloom: 6in., Season: Mid-season. Fragrant. 3 way branching. 18 buds.
(Single fan)

White Mountain- (Stamile, 2006)
Height: 28in., Bloom: 6in., Season: Early Mid-season, Rebloomer, Evergreen, TET. White self above green throat.
(Single fan)

President Reagan- (Smith-FR, 2006)
Height: 38in., Bloom: 5.5in., Season: Mid-season, Rebloomer, Semi-Evergreen, TET, 36 buds, 5 branches. Near white self with ruffled edge.
(Single fan)

White (4 fans - 1 of each lily)

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